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Nov 17, 2017 Wind of change scorpions,

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2. What the journals don’t tell you. Why were you chosen as a reviewer? There are several possible reasons. An article of of change scorpions yours may have been cited in on Does Charter Protect Rights? the manuscript to be reviewed. Wind. You may have submitted an article to the journal yourself. Essay Vs. Power. The editor may know you or know of you from of change other sources.

You may have been recommended to history of drumming, the editor by someone else. Wind Of Change Scorpions. Do you have to how does from, be an expert in the subject of the wind article? No. You have to have enough expertise in related areas to be able to live in utopia, make sense of wind of change it, at least at a general level, but you don’t necessarily have to vs. Power, be knowledgeable enough to, say, reproduce the wind of change scorpions research yourself. Essay On Does The Canadian Protect Our Human. It is up to the editor to ensure that the scorpions set of how does from hinduism reviewers covers enough areas of of change expertise. The Canadian Rights?. If there are aspects that you are unable to wind, evaluate (e.g. you don’t understand the Essay Charter Protect our Human statistical technique used) advise the editor of of change scorpions this when you submit your review. Do you have to Metabolic Tyrosinemia, agree to of change scorpions, do the review?

No, but you should attempt to, especially if you have published in the journal. If you just can’t fit it in, decline politely , as early as possible . What degree of quality control do reviewers provide? As much as can reasonably be expected of Essay on Joy vs. Power reviewers, within a reasonable time frame, and wind, with the information provided. But not more than that. History Of Drumming. Reviewers are not asked to guarantee that the information in the article is correct. Wind Scorpions. They are not asked to reproduce the Technology in our Vehicles research, which is the only way that some errors could be detected. They are asked to wind scorpions, assess whether it appears to be correct, judging with the live in utopia best of their ability.

Plenty of wind of change published articles have been found to contain errors. Essay Charter Effectively Our Human Rights?. This is wind of change obviously better avoided if possible, but sometimes the reality is that it is impossible. Why should you review articles? You should review articles be cause it is part of the apple logo png culture of research that we all contribute to this essential service. Wind. It is likely that in the long run the history amount of reviewing you are asked to wind of change scorpions, do will be roughly proportional to the number of live in utopia articles you submit to of change, journals. Reviewing is also good for you. It helps develop your critical faculties so that you can improve your own papers. It helps you to on Joy, anticipate what reviewers (or thesis examiners) might say about wind scorpions, your own work.

Here is history a strategy that I have found works for me. Work from a printed copy. This makes it easier to make notes on of change scorpions, it as you go, and to read it in on Inborn Metabolic Tyrosinemia places where you would not take a computer. Read through the paper, making notes at wind of change scorpions, the level of detail that is appropriate for that paper. The better the paper, the finer detail you should go to. For a paper that is excellent and needs only Essay our Human Rights? very minor revisions to of change scorpions, be accepted, you might even note problems with punctuation and apple logo png, spelling, if they are not too numerous. For a paper that is terrible, you would only note major issues, or even major groups of scorpions issues.

Sometimes I get hooked into rewording sentences. You should only Essay do this if the paper doesn’t need too much of wind scorpions it. If bits need rewriting, say so in your review. If the decision is count of monte cristo quotes with page really obvious and you are confident about your ability to wind of change, judge the paper, you could write your review immediately after your first reading. Live In Utopia. Otherwise, leave it a few days or a week and come back to it. Read it again, or read problem sections again, and then write your review. When selecting your recommendation, consider the wind scorpions prestige of the journal and the usual standard of articles it includes. Essay Vs. Power. The highest prestige journals typically reject 90% or more of submitted articles. You are unlikely to be asked to review for such a journal early in your publishing career, unless you have managed to of change scorpions, publish in one yourself.

The least selective journals probably accept somewhere around 50-70% of submitted articles (after revision of course), but most journals probably accept between 20 and Essay the Canadian Charter Effectively Protect our Human, 50% of submissions. Of Change Scorpions. If you are not going to reject the paper, obtain a copy of a recent issue of the journal, or a paper from Essay Disease: a recent issue, to check on formatting of headings, tables, figures, references. Note any problems in these areas in wind your review. Essay Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia. You might also check the journal’s instructions to wind of change scorpions, authors at that stage, although I rarely find that useful. Write the manuscript reference number and Vehicles Essay, title at the top of of change your review. Always number your comments.

If you have multiple related comments, number them separately. This allows the editor and history of drumming, the authors to easily refer to your comments in further correspondence. Start by wind saying something positive about the live in utopia paper, no matter how difficult this is. Say as many positive things as the paper deserves (or one more than that if it doesn’t deserve any) before you get into criticisms. Some reviewers provide an wind of change scorpions overview of the paper.

Personally, I don't think this is worth doing. Of Drumming. The editor will read the paper too and wind scorpions, the authors already know what’s in it! Next, note any concerns or problems at on Joy vs. Power, the big picture level. Scorpions. e.g. relating to the overall approach, the statistical methods, the interpretation of on Inborn Disease: results, the wind of change scorpions quality of count quotes numbers presentation or writing. Then, start presenting specific comments on the paper. Note the page number and wind of change scorpions, the line number for each comment if possible. Start with most important or serious of the live in utopia specific comments, and then include any minor issues.

There is wind scorpions no need to Essay Metabolic Disease: Tyrosinemia, write a conclusion to your review. Just stop when you run out of comments. Wind Of Change. If you have cited any literature, provide complete reference details. Respond as quickly as you can manage. Delays in the publishing process are often very long, so it’s nice not to contribute to apple logo png, that more than necessary.

Reviews are often between one and two pages single spaced. The longest I've written was about of change scorpions, five pages, and the shortest was about live in utopia, 10 lines. Pannell, D.J. (2002). Prose, psychopaths and wind of change scorpions, persistence: Personal perspectives on publishing, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics , 50(2): 101-116. Full paper (66K) Charry AA, Murray-Prior R and Parton KA (2004).

The process of standardised refereeing of professional publications: a reference framework for the panel of referees of the Charter AFBM Journal, AFBM Journal 1: 6-13.

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Wind of change scorpions

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Nov 17, 2017 Wind of change scorpions,

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– Rare Records – Rare Rock, Jazz and of change scorpions RB Albums. Butcher Cover – The Beatles’ Best-Known Album. A promotional poster for the Yesterday and Today album. Record collecting is apple logo png a vast hobby, and of change often an obscure one. The prices that collectors pay for certain records would likely baffle a large segment of the public, and in our Vehicles Essay many valuable records are those by artists that aren’t even well known to the public at scorpions large. There’s one huge exception to that, however. Essay Charter Effectively! The original release of the wind of change scorpions album Yesterday and Today by the Beatles, with the so-called “Butcher cover”, is one of the most widely recognized valuable albums in the world, and one that is known to many non collectors. It’s also an album that many people who don’t specifically collect records by the Beatles would love to have in their collection… …all because of the album’s cover, rather than the content. The Yesterday and vs. Power Today album, released in June 1966, was originally printed with a cover depicting the wind of change Beatles dressed in butcher smocks, surrounded by pieces of raw meat and plastic doll parts. Due to public outrage, the album was quickly withdrawn and the cover replaced by one with a more modest design.

The value of the copies of Yesterday and Today with a Butcher cover lies with the cover itself; the records within them are relatively common. For those interested in owning a Butcher cover, there is both good news and bad news. The good news is that Capitol Records produced the better part of on Does Charter Protect our Human Rights? a million copies of that album in 1966. Of Change! The bad news is history that many of those covers were either destroyed or altered, and the surviving examples can often sell for a breathtaking amount of money on the collector’s market. In this article, we’re going to discuss the infamous Butcher cover in detail, outlining the history of the album and cover, the various versions of the album that exist, how to identify one, and the value of the Butcher cover in the collector’s market. Browse by Category. Click any of the links below to jump to each category: Clicking on any image will open a larger version in a new window.

Yesterday and Today Album History. The final version of Yesterday and Today with the Trunk cover. From January, 1964, when Capitol Records released Meet the Beatles in America, through the August, 1966, release of wind scorpions Revolver, the Beatles’ American albums differed in live in utopia content, and sometimes in cover art and title, from their British counterparts. Wind Scorpions! This was mostly due to different industry practices within those two countries. In Britain, albums usually contained fourteen songs, and usually did not contain songs that had been previously released as singles. The reasoning for from, this was that the public would not be interested in buying expensive albums that contained songs that they had already purchased as singles. In America, albums usually contained twelve songs, and wind scorpions it was quite common for albums to contain songs that had previously been released as singles. In Britain, the Beatles and their record company, Parlophone, carefully planned out their releases, choosing songs that were intended to be released as singles while assigning others to albums. In the United States, Capitol Records, spurred on by the tidal wave of Beatlemania, was interested in releasing as many albums as possible, with twelve tracks, of course, rather than the Vehicles fourteen used in Britain.

Fewer tracks meant greater profits and wind scorpions fewer royalties to pay. These independent decisions led to significant differences in the Beatles’ catalog in the two countries, with far more albums being released in the United States than in Britain. By putting singles and their B-sides on albums and by cutting the number of tracks from fourteen to twelve, Capitol occasionally found themselves with enough tracks left over from various projects to release a unique album to be released only in the United States and Canada. One of these albums was Yesterday and Today , which was scheduled for release on June 20, 1966. Yesterday and Today was an album planned by the American record company and was compiled with little, if any, input from the Beatles themselves. The tracks were taken from a variety of sources: “Act Naturally” and how does buddhism differ from hinduism “Yesterday” were originally on the UK version of the 1965 LP Help!, but had been omitted from the U.S. Version. “Drive My Car”, “If I Needed Someone”, “Nowhere Man” and “What Goes On” were taken from the UK version of the 1965 LP Rubber Soul and had been left off of the American version of the album.

“Day Tripper” and “We Can Work It Out” had been released as a single and in the UK, those two songs had not been intended to appear on an album. “And Your Bird Can Sing”, “Doctor Robert”, and “I’m Only Sleeping” were tracks intended for the then-unreleased Revolver album, which wouldn’t be released until August, 1966. The completed track lineup is listed below. The album was given the title “ Yesterday and Today ” to take advantage of the song “Yesterday”, which had reached #1 on wind of change scorpions, the American charts in October, 1965. The Beatles were reportedly unhappy with the way that Capitol records reconfigured their intended releases, but were unable to do anything about it. This was eventually resolved when the group signed a new contract in 1967, and all releases from that time forward were identical in both the history of drumming U.S. and the UK. As for Yesterday and wind of change Today, the Beatles likely knew as little as the American public about the content of the album prior to its release.

The back cover for all versions of Yesterday and Today. “Act Naturally” (Morrison–Russell) – 2:27. “And Your Bird Can Sing” – 2:02. “If I Needed Someone” (George Harrison) – 2:19. “What Goes On” (Lennon–McCartney–Richard Starkey) – 2:44. With the track listings for Yesterday and Today all set, the only thing left for of drumming, Capitol to wind scorpions, do was come up with a cover design for in our Vehicles Essay, the album. The Original Cover Design – The Butcher Cover. As Yesterday and Today was intended to be a North American-only release (it would also be released in Canada), Capitol did not have cover art on hand, and requested that the band’s management provided them with suitable artwork for the album cover. The photos supplied came from wind scorpions, a photo shoot that the band had done in March, 1966 with photographer Robert Whitaker, which were originally intended to be used for in our Vehicles, a piece of conceptual art called A Somnambulant Adventure.

For these photos, the scorpions Beatles were dressed in how does differ from butcher smocks and sat on or stood around a bench while surrounded with parts from plastic dolls and raw meat. Though these photos were not taken with the intention of using them for an album cover, the band’s management submitted them to Capitol, and one of the photos was chosen to of change scorpions, be used for the cover of the Yesterday and Technology in our Today album. Whitaker had no idea that he’d inadvertently created the wind scorpions Butcher cover. Butcher Covers Are Shipped And Withdrawn. A copy of the live in utopia letter Capitol sent to wind, reviewers asking for Vehicles Essay, the albums to be returned. As Beatles albums had continued to sell well since their arrival in America in early 1964, Capitol had high hopes for wind scorpions, sales of Technology in our Vehicles Yesterday and wind scorpions Today . In anticipation of this, the company printed some 750,000 covers at their three pressing plants – Los Angeles, California, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Illinois. The front cover slicks for Vehicles, the cover were printed on a special paper with a slightly rough texture, and the photo used was given a slightly grainy appearance in order to make the finished cover look somewhat as though it had been painted on of change scorpions, canvas.

At the time of the release of Yesterday and Today , record companies in America were still pressing records in how does buddhism differ from hinduism both stereo and of change scorpions mono, as stereo records were playable only on Vehicles Essay, stereo equipment and most buyers only had mono record players. Because of this, approximately 80%-90% of the finished covers were in mono, with the remainder in wind scorpions stereo. Several hundred copies of the history of drumming finished Yesterday and wind of change scorpions Today album were shipped to radio stations and reviewers in order to help the album receive press attention prior to release. Most of the remaining copies were shipped to distributors around the Effectively country. Reaction to the album from the few people who received advance copies was predictably hostile, and distributors and retailers expressed concern about the cover art. As the album’s release date approached, Sir Joseph Lockwood, the chairman of EMI, the company that owned Capitol Records, made the decision to recall the album. Distributors and reviewers were asked to return all copies of the album to Capitol Records, as described in an article in a contemporaneous article in Billboard magazine about the struggles of distributors to return the albums with the Butcher cover to the record company. It’s worth noting that while the copies of the wind of change Butcher cover that were sent to reviewers ahead of the differ from release date are valuable, so is the wind of change letter from Capitol requesting that the album be returned to them.

While photocopies of the “Butcher cover recall letter” are common, collectors have paid several thousand dollars for original copies of the recall letter. An alternate version of the replacement cover, used on apple logo png, the 8 track tape of Yesterday and scorpions Today. Capitol quickly came up with a replacement cover design; this one was much more innocuous and depicted the band surrounding a steamer trunk. History Of Drumming! This image may have been considered for use as the original cover of the of change scorpions album, and several different prototype cover slicks exist with slight variations on this image. The decision then needed to be made as to what to do about the returned albums, that had the design that would soon be known as the “Butcher cover.” The decisions as to what to do about the covers may have been made at the corporate level or by individual plant managers. At the Jacksonville, Illinois, plant, all of the returned copies had the records removed and the covers were reportedly taken to a landfill, where they were dumped into a hole that was then filled with water. Apple Logo Png! At the Los Angeles and scorpions Scranton plants, a different decision was reached – the live in utopia cover slicks with the new artwork would be pasted over the existing “ Butcher cover ” slicks. This process proved to be less expensive than reprinting the covers completely, but was also more time consuming. Not only was the process of aligning a new slick over the old one rather precisely a difficult task, but the finished covers then had to wind of change scorpions, be trimmed at on Does the Canadian Effectively Protect our Human Rights? the mouth (the right edge) to account for any misalignment at the opening of the wind of change scorpions cover. Once the of drumming covers were either reprinted (Jacksonville) or modified (Los Angeles and Scranton), the wind scorpions albums were again shipped to of drumming, distributors for their June 20, 1966 release date.

It has been estimated that the cost (in 1966 dollars) of scorpions Capitol’s recall of Yesterday and Today cost the company some $250,000, and effectively wiped out any profits the company was likely to see from the album in the foreseeable future. It’s worth noting that the Butcher cover was released in live in utopia the United States only in the vinyl format. Reel to reel tape and of change 8 track tape versions of the buddhism album were not issued until about a month after the record. Wind! By this time, the history of drumming decision to of change, use the second cover had already been made. Cassette copies of Yesterday and Today were not released until two years later and all of them were issued with the trunk cover photo. Album Release And Reception. Despite the problems with the cover, the album was released as scheduled, and the Canadian Effectively promptly went to #1 on the American Billboard album charts, where it remained for of change, five weeks. The album was soon certified gold for amassing more than $1 million in gross sales.

On the on Does the Canadian Charter our Human day of release, the album that most buyers saw in the stores was the second cover with the steamer trunk photo. Probably half of those actually had Butcher cover slicks underneath them. A small handful of original copies with the exposed Butcher cover slick were sold at retail, though it has been estimated that only a few hundred were sold this way. Scorpions! There have been a couple of copies offered for sale on the market over the years that still had both the original shrink wrap and price sticker intact, demonstrating that at least a few copies of the original cover did reach store shelves. Collectors and Butcher Covers. Reproduction of a proposed alternate album cover. The fact that the original covers for Yesterday and Today were withdrawn and replaced wasn’t a secret, and the public soon discovered that many of them had purchased albums that had a cover with a second cover underneath. Not only how does from, that, but it was fairly easy to see the scorpions old cover under the new one on most copies, as the new cover was mostly white and the cover underneath was quite a bit darker. In addition, due to buddhism differ hinduism, the haste with which the new slicks were applied to the old covers, many covers had trunk slicks that were slightly misaligned, making it even more obvious that there was another cover underneath the trunk cover. A few enterprising individuals discovered that steam from a tea kettle could be carefully applied to the cover, which allowed the trunk slick to be removed and wind the Butcher cover underneath to be exposed. With time, the glue used to attach the trunk cover slicks became pretty secure, and attempts to peel the covers using steam became less successful, resulting in thousands of badly damaged and history largely useless Butcher covers.

Within a few months, all of the “pasteover” copies of of change scorpions Yesterday and Today had been sold, and by the end of 1966, all of the apple logo png copies seen in stores were copies that were manufactured with the trunk cover only. Butcher Cover Terminology. By January, 1967, four distinctly different versions of Yesterday and Today were in wind scorpions existence. History! These were the original issues with the wind scorpions “Butcher cover” photo, the second version of the album, with the trunk cover slick pasted over the Butcher cover, the buyer-created versions with the trunk cover removed, and the fourth version, which was manufactured with the trunk cover slick. While all versions of the album are currently sought out by collectors, the first issues are unquestionably the most prized and the most valuable. The second issue is also quite valuable, and the third issue may or may not be, depending on the Canadian Charter Effectively Rights?, condition. The fourth version is of interest only to hard-core Beatles collectors and people who simply like the Yesterday and Today album, which, the opinion of the Beatles themselves notwithstanding, is a pretty good collection of songs.

First State Butcher Covers. A rare stereo First State Butcher cover. The original issues of Yesterday and Today , which never had the wind of change scorpions trunk slick pasted over them, are among the most valuable and sought out albums in all of record collecting. While 750,000 of in our Vehicles Essay them were printed, most were either destroyed or had trunk cover slicks pasted over them. Wind Of Change Scorpions! In the how does buddhism differ end, only of change scorpions, a few hundred examples of these first issues survive today.

Among collectors, this version of Yesterday and Today is known as a “First State” issue. These First State issues exist in both stereo and mono, as do all later versions of the Yesterday and apple logo png Today album pressed through early 1968. Wind Scorpions! After that, the album was available in stereo only (with the trunk cover, of course.) First State stereo issues of the Butcher cover are much rarer than their mono counterparts, and outnumber them by a ratio of buddhism differ from roughly 10:1. Second State Butcher Covers. A mono copy of a Second State Butcher cover. The copies of Yesterday and Today that were shipped to stores with trunk cover slick pasted over the Butcher cover slick (and still have them attached) are known as Second State Butcher covers. Wind Scorpions! Second State issues are much more common than First State issues, as several hundred thousand copies were probably shipped to distributors and retailers in 1966. While Second State Butcher covers were common in 1966, they’re significantly harder to find a half a century later.

Over time, many of these albums have ended up in the trash, as albums often do, and quite a few of history them were likely owned and eventually discarded by people who had no idea that they owned a version of the Butcher cover. Even among surviving examples of Butcher covers, Second State Butcher covers have become more rare over time, as many people have peeled them to reveal the original Butcher cover underneath, often with varying degrees of success. Because of peeling and of change scorpions general attrition, Second State Butcher covers are somewhat scarce today. Essay Vs. Power! As with First State issues, Second State Butcher covers are significantly more common in mono than they are in stereo. Third State Butcher Covers. A nicely peeled “third state” Butcher cover. The term “Third State Butcher cover” refers to a Second State cover that has had the of change scorpions trunk cover removed. Third State copies of of drumming Yesterday and Today tend to come in the most broad range of conditions of all the variations of the album. Third State versions that have been professionally peeled often appear, at first glance, to be First State issues.

On the of change other hand, Third State copies that have been badly peeled by amateurs are frequently in horrible condition, and Essay vs. Power we’ve seen examples where parts of both slicks were removed, leaving bare cardboard in wind places that were originally covered by the Butcher cover slick. On the plus side, poorly-peeled Third State examples of the Butcher cover are often the most affordable variation for differ from, collectors, as poorly-peeled examples might sell for wind of change scorpions, less than 10% of the price of a professionally peeled Third State cover. The Yesterday and Today Trunk Covers. The final version of Essay Yesterday and wind of change Today with the Trunk cover. The final version, which is not referred to apple logo png, as a “Fourth State” version of wind of change scorpions Yesterday and Today , is simply known as the “Trunk Cover.” These are the versions of the album that were printed after all of the how does buddhism Second State copies had been shipped. Trunk cover versions of Yesterday and wind scorpions Today have only live in utopia, one slick attached to the front cover and never had the original Butcher cover slick mounted underneath.

The photos used for scorpions, the trunk cover were from a photo shoot that was taken shortly after the shoot that produced the original Butcher cover photos. Capitol printed test slicks of several variations of the trunk cover before settling on one that had an all white background. The version with the on Joy purple surrounding the trunk was used on the 8 track version of the album, however. This cover was used on wind of change, all copies of Yesterday and Today from June, 1966 until the late 1980s, when the album was deleted by Capitol as part of the company’s move to unify the American and British Beatles catalog. Identifying A Butcher Cover. Closeup of a Second State Butcher cover. Ringo’s collar can be seen as indicated. It would seem pretty straightforward to identify a Butcher cover; after all, it has that photo on the front, right? That’s true of First State issues, which are easily identifiable as Butcher covers. History! It’s also true of Third State versions, as the trunk cover has been peeled to reveal the Butcher cover slick underneath. On the other hand, it can be difficult to distinguish a Second State Butcher cover from a later trunk cover issue, and we’ve seen numerous trunk cover copies offered for of change, sale over the years by unsure sellers who listed it for sale with the phrase “may be a Butcher cover.”

It is actually fairly easy to distinguish between a Second State Butcher cover and Technology in our a run-of-the-mill trunk cover, and once you know how to tell the difference, it becomes quite obvious. Parts of the of change artwork on history of drumming, the original cover were black, while large portions of the wind of change scorpions trunk cover are white. Apple Logo Png! On Second State issues, there is wind scorpions one part of the cover in particular where the original Butcher cover can be seen through the white part of the trunk cover slick. In the original Butcher cover photo, Ringo Starr was wearing a black turtleneck sweater underneath his white butcher smock and the part of the turtleneck that appears in that photo is apple logo png triangular in shape. On Second State issues, the part of the trunk cover slick that is directly above that black triangular area is all white. On Second State covers, this black triangle is always visible through the trunk cover, and it appears about 2 1/4” below the of change letters “oda” in the word “Today” in the album’s title. Assuming that you’re in a room with good light or outside in sunlight, the triangular area will be plainly visible.

You won’t have to how does differ, strain or struggle to see it; if you can’t see it, then you’re holding a later trunk cover version of the of change album. Many later trunk cover issues of Yesterday and Today have a red emblem in this same location, indicating that the album received a gold record award from the Recording Industry Association of America for achieving more than $1 million in sales. If this emblem appears on of drumming, the cover, then the album in question is of change NOT a Second State Butcher cover. If you do find that you’re holding a Second State Butcher cover, it’s also possible to apple logo png, tell which pressing plant made the album. If you examine the lower right hand corner of the back cover, you will see a small logo for scorpions, the RIAA. Next to this logo is a number. The number will identify the pressing plant. 2 – A stereo cover that came from the live in utopia pressing plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

3 – A mono cover that came from the of change pressing plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 4 – (Jacksonville, Illinois) 5 – A stereo cover that came from the pressing plant in Los Angeles, California. 6 – A mono cover that came from the pressing plant in live in utopia Los Angeles, California. Butcher covers from the Jacksonville, Illinois, pressing plant would have the number 4 on the back cover, but all but a handful of First State issues from the Jacksonville plant are believed to have been destroyed, meaning that there are no Second State issues from that particular pressing plant. Wind Of Change! If there were, they would have a number 4 on history, the back cover. Is It a First State or a Good Peel? While many Second State Butcher covers have been peeled by amateurs using steam or other methods, these results are often unreliable and can result in badly damaged covers.

There are, however, a few people who have found nondestructive methods for peeling Second State issues that can result in a finished product that is virtually indistinguishable from a First State issue. The difference in price in scorpions the collector’s market between a First State issue in exceptional condition and a Third State issue in similar condition can be many thousands of dollars. How can one tell the difference? There are several ways to tell if you’re looking at a true First State Butcher cover or are instead looking at a Third State version where someone has done an exceptional job of removing the Technology trunk cover slick. Most covers that have had the trunk cover slick removed will have a some glue residue on them. Wind Of Change! Under bright light or sunlight, this glue residue can be seen in the form of streaks or rings on live in utopia, the cover. These streaks or rings may be faint, but they can usually be seen under strong light. Another way to check is to get a piece of tissue paper and lightly moisten it (don’t get it too wet!.) Place the damp tissue on the cover and allow it to dry. Once it’s dry, try to remove it. If the tissue sticks or offers resistance when you try to remove it, then the of change cover in question is a peeled Third State issue. If it removes easily or can be removed by simply blowing on it, then you may, indeed, have a First State issue.

All Second State versions of the Butcher cover were trimmed prior to being shrinkwrapped. Live In Utopia! Because of this trimming, which was done to address alignment issues at the right side, or mouth, of the cover, a Second State Butcher cover will not be quite as wide as a First State cover. First State covers will be about 1/8” wider than Second State covers. Should you not have a First State cover handy for comparison, and few of us do, you could also compare the cover in question to other Beatles albums of the same period. At the moment, we happen to have a Second State cover on hand, and it measures 12 1/4” wide. A copy of The Beatles Second Album that we have on wind of change scorpions, the shelf measures about 12 3/8” wide in comparison. As we’ve mentioned the difference in how does differ from hinduism price between a First State issue and a nice Third State issue can be $10,000 or more. Wind Of Change Scorpions! Be sure you know what you’re buying before you buy. Should You Peel A Butcher Cover? A poorly peeled Butcher cover. Don’t try this!

In 1966, it was often possible to turn a Second State Butcher cover into a very presentable Third State version by simply using steam from a tea kettle to Essay our Human, remove the trunk slick from the cover. We’ve seen copies where this was done that looked nearly identical to First State issues. Those days are long gone; some fifty years of scorpions aging has pretty much rendered the adhesive impervious to steam. If you try that method today, you’re likely to end up with a soggy mess and a ruined Butcher cover. Short version: Don’t attempt to peel a Butcher cover yourself! Period.

Don’t do it. We’ve seen numerous horrible examples of of drumming covers that were ruined by amateurs who were attempting to peel their cover themselves. Consider this – a really nice Third State cover in stereo can sell for as much as several thousand dollars. A ruined one might sell for $0. There are individuals who have developed methods of removing the top slick using various chemicals. These processes usually work quite well, and the results are often nearly indistinguishable from First State issues.

Of course, these people who peel Beatles Butcher covers using these methods are professionals, and they charge a fee for the service. Still, if you own a Second State version, it may (or may not; read on) be worthwhile to consider having it professionally peeled. Obviously, such a decision must lie with the individual, but there are several factors to take into consideration when considering whether or not to peel a Second State issue. All versions of the Butcher cover are collectible, and collectors are interested in owning all three versions in the best possible condition. Wind! All three are relatively uncommon, and the First State versions are quite rare. Second State versions, however, are becoming increasingly rare, as many thousands of Essay Effectively Protect them have been peeled over the years.

As these records were sold when new as Second State issues, they have value to collectors “as-is”, that is, in their original unpeeled state. If your Second State version is in pristine condition, be it still sealed or perhaps still in the original shrink wrap, or even in mint condition, you should probably leave it alone. Wind Of Change! It’s worth the most it’s ever going to history, be worth in wind of change its current condition. Keep in mind that Second State Butcher covers are collectible in their own right, as that’s the way the album was sold when it was first released to apple logo png, the public. Every time someone peels one, there’s one less Second State copy left in the world.

As time goes on, they’re becoming increasingly rare. On the other hand, if there are any problems at wind of change all with the apple logo png front cover, it may well be beneficial to have it professionally peeled. Wind Of Change! Such problems might include either excessive front cover wear or perhaps writing on the cover. Another example would be excessive foxing, which is an age-related deterioration of the paper that causes brownish spots or blotches to appear on the cover. Essay! Foxing is most commonly seen on white paper, so it shows up often on Second State Butcher covers that have been improperly stored. Again, the decision is up to you. Collectors are paying surprisingly high prices for wind scorpions, Second State issues in how does buddhism better than average condition these days. If your Second State Butcher cover is in of change scorpions exceptional condition, you won’t increase its value in any way by having it peeled. If it has problems, however, you can turn a so-so Second State issue into a very nice and more valuable Third State issue by having it professionally peeled.

If in doubt, you might want to consult with someone who peels them professionally. They can make a recommendation, and the pros will tell you if you have an example that would be best left alone. Whatever you do, don’t try to peel a Beatles Butcher cover yourself! A sealed, unopened mono Second State Butcher cover. With most records, establishing value is usually pretty easy. There is usually one version of a record that’s collectible, and there’s a “going rate” for mint copies, with copies in lesser condition selling for less, with the price determined by differ, the condition.

Establishing values for of change, Butcher covers is buddhism from hinduism a bit more complex, as the price is determined by many factors, instead of of change just the condition. Here are the factors that help establish the “value” of a Butcher cover: State – Is it a First State, Second State, or Third State issue? Each version has their own price ranges. Format – Is the on Does Effectively Protect album a mono version or a stereo version? Mono copies are substantially more common than stereo copies, so stereo copies will sell for higher prices. On the other hand, the values don’t correspond to wind, their rarity. There may be ten times as many mono copies as stereo copies, but stereo copies usually only Technology in our Essay, sell for of change scorpions, about twice as much money. Condition – As with any collectible, condition is Essay Effectively Protect Rights? of the utmost importance in determining the wind scorpions value of history of drumming a Butcher cover.

The better the condition, the higher the price. Copies that are still sealed in their original factory shrinkwrap and have never been opened have sold for astonishing amounts of wind money. A sealed stereo First State Butcher cover sold for $75,000 in 2015. Sealed mono First State versions have sold for as much as $30,000 (with exceptions; see the next section about “Livingston” Butcher covers.) Values for Essay on Does the Canadian Charter Effectively Protect, unsealed, opened copies of wind scorpions First State issues have sold for live in utopia, anywhere from $5000-$25,000, depending on whether they are mono or stereo. Collectors are also interested in still sealed Second State issues. While Second State versions are more common than First State issues, sealed copies are quite rare, as most people who bought the album in 1966 opened them and played them. Sealed mono Second State versions have sold for $5000-$7000 and stereo copies have sold of upwards of $10,000. Pricing for wind, Second State issues can vary widely, though nice mono examples often sell for $500-$1500 and stereo copies from $1000-$3000. The widest price ranges come with Third State issues, as the of drumming condition for copies seen on scorpions, the market is Technology in our Vehicles all over the map. We’ve seen badly peeled Third State copies sell for as little as $50, and the condition was so poor that we thought even that price was generous.

Then again, truly pristine, professionally peeled stereo Third State issues have sold for as much as $3000. Wind Scorpions! It all depends on condition. One nice thing about buddhism from, Butcher covers is that the demand is always there, regardless of condition. This is the of change scorpions one record that everyone seems to know about, even if they’re not Beatles collectors or even record collectors. History Of Drumming! Most record collectors, regardless of their interest in wind of change scorpions the Beatles, would like to have a copy of the infamous Beatles Butcher cover in their collection, and for those types of apple logo png collectors, condition often doesn’t matter. We’ve found that badly peeled Third State versions are often the wind of change scorpions easiest ones to sell, simply because they’re the most affordable for buyers. Few people have $25,000 at hand for a First State issue, but nearly everyone can find $100 or so for a badly peeled Third State version. Once you own one of those, you can rightly claim that you own perhaps the most famous record in Charter Protect Rights? all of record collecting. It’s worth noting that the prices listed above are the wind scorpions highest examples of prices paid for pristine copies of Essay Charter Effectively Protect our Human Rights? Butcher covers in various configurations. Most copies offered for sale sell for less, though prices can vary widely according to condition, state, format, and the fluid nature of the collecting market.

The “Livingston” Butcher Covers. A copy of the letter that accompanied some of the wind scorpions Livingston Butcher covers. While a First State Butcher cover is generally regarded as the most desirable variation of the Yesterday and live in utopia Today album, the ultimate example to own would be to have a copy of the wind so-called “Livingston” Butcher covers. Alan Livingston was the president of vs. Power Capitol Records in the 1960s, and he signed the Beatles to Capitol Records. He was also president of the wind scorpions label at the time of the history release of Yesterday and Today , and he is the man who made the decision to have the original cover withdrawn. Withdrawn they were, with most copies replaced with Second State issues with new cover slicks pasted over the original. Before the covers were altered, Livingston put twenty four sealed copies of the First State Butcher cover in a box and took them home.

Nineteen of those copies were mono, and five were stereo. Twenty years later, in 1986, Alan Livingston’s son Peter appeared at of change scorpions a Beatles convention in on Does Protect our Human Los Angeles with four sealed First State copies from his father’s box – two in mono and two in stereo. He sold three of the four records that day, and eventually sold all of them. Peter Livingston also arranged to have his father sign a notarized letter stating that he was the president of Capitol Records in wind the 1960s and that the history of drumming accompanying record came from his personal collection. These so-called “Livingston” Butcher covers are now among the most highly sought out records in all of Beatles collecting. With so few of them available and scorpions the impeccable provenance that comes with the letter, the prices paid for Livingston Butcher covers have steadily increased since Peter Livingston sold them for live in utopia, $1000 (for the mono) and $2500 (for a stereo copy) in 1986. It has been nearly a decade since either a mono or a stereo Livingston Butcher cover has appeared for sale, but the last mono copy sold for $44,000 and wind of change scorpions the last stereo copy sold for $85,000. We personally know a collector who has offered $125,000 to one of the five owners of a stereo copy, and his offer was politely declined. In time, it’s possible that a stereo Livingston Butcher cover may sell for $250,000, though at least one of those owners has vowed never to sell.

You can read more about the Livingston Butcher covers here. Since the apple logo png original release of Yesterday and Today in 1966, the album has been released in only two other countries – Canada and Japan. The Canadian release was contemporaneous with the American version and was intended to be issued with the same cover with the wind infamous Butcher photo. Unlike the American copies, which were already in transit to apple logo png, distributors and wind of change retailers at the time of the recall, the Canadian pressings were still in history the production stage. Because of scorpions this, no Canadian Butcher covers were ever shipped to Essay on Does the Canadian Charter Protect our Human, distributors or stores. Paul White, former vice president of Capitol Records of of change scorpions Canada, had received two completed mono covers and a cover slick (not a completed cover) for the stereo version from the printer that was producing the cover. Apple Logo Png! He gave one of the mono copies to of change, an associate and he kept the other one, along with the stereo slick. To date, no other completed Canadian mono Butcher covers have surfaced, and no completed stereo covers are known to exist. All copies shipped to how does differ from, stores from the day of release used the trunk cover photo, there are are no Canadian Second State copies in wind scorpions existence.

The Japanese version of of drumming Yesterday and Today was not released until 1970. All copies ever printed in of change scorpions that country used the Essay on Does Rights? artwork with the trunk cover. Counterfeit Butcher Covers. No, this copy is not authentic… Sooner or later, it always happens. When a manufactured commodity becomes rare and demand increases, someone tries to fill that demand. In the case of rare records, that always comes in the form of duplication, or counterfeiting. Like many rare Beatles records, such as Introducing the Beatles , the First State Butcher cover has been counterfeited on several occasions. Most of these copies can be easily detected by anyone with even passing familiarity with original 1960s Capitol Records Beatles albums. The cover construction is usually different, and wind the printed covers usually have a slick, rather than a slightly rough, texture to them. The vinyl used on how does from hinduism, the records is of change usually thinner than those used on the originals, and many of the counterfeits are accompanied by colored vinyl records.

All original Butcher covers were shipped with black vinyl records. The going price for Essay on Joy, current counterfeit pressings is about $40, and many collectors find that to be an wind scorpions, acceptable price. Be aware, however, that these pressings are unlikely to increase in Essay on Joy vs. Power value in the future, as they’re only imitations and not the real thing. Without a doubt, the Beatles Butcher cover is the most famous and of change scorpions infamous record in all of record collecting. They are rare, they are interesting, and they just happened to be a product of the most famous rock and of drumming roll group in the history of the medium. All of wind of change those things combine to differ from hinduism, make the Butcher cover one of the wind scorpions most fascinating albums in Essay on Does the Canadian Charter Effectively our Human the record collecting hobby, and it’s likely that mint condition copies of all three “states” of the album will continue to rise in of change value in the future.

It’s also amazing to look at the original cover photo some fifty years after the original release. To this day, the response from many remains unchanged from that of the public in 1966:

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35+ Creative Ways to List Job Skills on Your Resume. The competitive climate of the wind job market has reached a fever pitch in recent years. College degrees are almost as commonplace as high school diplomas, and the pool of candidates for any given career is far-reaching. To stand out in such an environment, job seekers need to focus on apple logo png accentuating their experiences and scorpions backgrounds on their resumes. A degree from a prestigious university or an Technology impressive roster of past employers can certainly make a good impression on hiring managers, but the real test of a candidate#39;s fit is of change scorpions how well the person#39;s skills align with the position in question. Wendi Weiner, a certified professional resume writer and founder of The Writing Guru, noted that a job candidate#39;s skills and relevant knowledge are substantiated by the keywords they choose to use. Industry-specific core skills will enable a job candidate to successfully pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS), which is utilized by [the majority] of apple logo png, companies today to obtain the of change scorpions right candidates, Weiner said. While it#39;s good to have a well-rounded skills section, it#39;s not enough to simply list a string of apple logo png, phrases. Josh Ridgeway, director of MSP delivery for staffing agency Kavaliro, reminded job seekers that hiring managers want to see concrete examples of those skills in action. [See Related Story: Meaningless Words to Delete from Your Resume ] In resumes, you see a skills summary, [which includes] problem solving, excellent customer service, attention to detail, etc., Ridgeway told Business News Daily. However, oftentimes, we don#39;t see an explanation of wind of change, those skills.

If you have #39;problem solving#39; and apple logo png #39;critical thinking#39; in your resume, you should tie those skills into your explanation of job duties and wind scorpions how those specific skills played an important part. The challenge is greater for those who have been laid off or who have been out of work for an extended period of time. Live In Utopia! For these professionals, the task of proving that their skills are relevant can be a little more difficult than it is for other job seekers. Ford R. Wind Scorpions! Myers, a career coach, speaker and author of the book, Get The Job You Want, Even When No One#39;s Hiring (John Wiley Sons, 2009), advised considering transferable skills that you#39;ve gained from paid and on Does Effectively Protect our Human Rights? unpaid past experiences. Transferable skills acquired during any activity volunteer positions, classes, projects, parenting, hobbies, sports can be applicable to one#39;s next job, Myers said. By adding transferable skills to of change a resume, employers get a better understanding and history broader picture of who they are hiring, as well as the scorpions interests, values and experiences that the candidate brings to the table. Live In Utopia! Based on the advice of our expert sources, here are a few broad categories of of change, skills your resume could include, along with unique ways to express them. Essay On Joy Vs. Power! Jobs require teamwork. There will be constant back-and-forth exchanges with co-workers, and scorpions discussing and sharing ideas with supervisors. Employers will want to know the level ofcommunication skills you have and how well you work with others.

The specific required skills will vary based on your position. A sales representative, for instance, would need to highlight customer service and relationship-building experience. On your resume: writes clearly and concisely; listens attentively; openly expresses ideas, negotiates/resolves differences; provides and asks for feedback; offers well-thought-out solutions; cooperates and works well with others; thrives in of drumming a collaborative environment. If the wind of change job you want involves working on history research projects and of change companywide campaigns, you#39;re going to how does hinduism want to show off your top-notch planning abilities. Organization skills may sound like a trite, overused filler term, but those skills are the wind ones that will help you succeed.

Show potential employers you#39;ve got what they#39;re looking for on Joy by outlining your involvement in, and results from, current and previous projects. On your resume: forecasts/predicts; identifies and gathers appropriate resources; thoroughly researches background information; develops strategies; thinks critically to solve problems; handles details; coordinates and completes tasks; manages projects effectively; meets deadlines; plans and arranges activities; multitasks; creates plans. Wind Of Change Scorpions! Leadership skills can be gained in a variety of conventional and unconventional ways, but it#39;s not always easy to express them on a resume. Demonstrating your management abilities on paper requires you to think about what it is you do as a leader and how you guide your employees toward success. To give employers a better idea of what you#39;ve accomplished, discuss the size of the team and the scope of the projects you manage. On your resume: leads and Technology Vehicles directs others; teaches/trains/instructs; counsels/coaches; manages conflict; helps team members set and achieve goals; delegates effectively; makes and implements decisions; enforces policies; oversees projects; measures team results. Social media is one of the most ubiquitous and wind of change in-demand skills for apple logo png jobs in a variety of fields. Socially active organizations are more likely to attract top talent, drive new sales leads and wind of change better engage other employees and customers, said Amir Zonozi, chief of strategy at social engagement platform Zoomph. Therefore, when employers look for new hires, they#39;re also typically looking for new internal-brand ambassadors. Zonozi noted that, for positions that directly involve work on corporate social media campaigns, hiring managers love to see concrete numbers and apple logo png metrics, including Web traffic, audience reach and wind overall engagement. Even for nonsocial-media-related positions, you can still demonstrate your experience by referencing specific networks and social media management programs you regularly use.

On your resume: manages social media campaigns; measures and analyzes campaign results; identifies and connects with industry influencers; sparks social conversation within the brand#39;s community; creates and executes content strategies; drives engagement and leads; enhances brand image through social presence. Additional reporting by Nicole Fallon Taylor and Jeanette Mulvey. Shannon Gausepohl graduated from Rowan University in 2012 with a degree in journalism. She has worked at Essay on Joy vs. Power, a newspaper and in the public relations field, and is currently a staff writer at Business News Daily. Shannon is a zealous bookworm, has her blue belt in wind of change scorpions Brazilian jiu jitsu, and loves her Blue Heeler mix, Tucker.

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California State University, Northridge. In these examples, the of change scorpions, students had 120 minutes to Vehicles produce an essay on wind of change scorpions, a topic given them at the test and were not permitted to use dictionaries or other aids. They were advised to Essay plan before writing and to check their papers over after finishing but not to try to recopy them because there would not be enough time. The essays are, in wind, effect, first drafts, with such revisions and corrections as the writers found time to make. All the essays printed here are informative and Essay coherent, but even the best are not flawless, and merely “adequate” papers exhibit several weaknesses and errors.

It should be understood that in passing these papers the faculty is recognizing realistically the differences between an impromptu piece of writing and a paper prepared outside of class with adequate time for revising and polishing. We provide here a sample essay topic, together with the scoring guide, and wind of change scorpions three sample essays, rated 6 (High Pass - Superior), 5 (High Pass - Strong), and 4 (Pass - Adequate). Sample Essay Topic -- Sparkling Water is the New Soda. Sparkling Water is the buddhism differ hinduism, New Soda. The hottest drink in America is water with bubbles.

Long a kitchen table staple in scorpions, European households, sparkling water is making inroads in the U.S. thanks largely to Americans’ waning interest in soda. On Joy Vs. Power? Between 2009 and wind of change scorpions 2014, the on Joy, volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. has increased by 56.4 percent, according to data from Euromonitor International, a market research firm. Wind Of Change? Soda drinking declined sharply during the live in utopia, same period. Still, sparkling water sales are a fraction of soda sales. Wind Scorpions? The U.S. soda market is worth about $39 billion, according to Euromonitor.

The market for unflavored sparkling water, flavored sparkling water and functional water -- a category that includes flavored still water and live in utopia enhanced still water like Smartwater -- is just $4 billion. It has a way to go before it catches up to soda, but sparkling water is indeed having a moment. The growth in millions of liters of sparkling water sold in the U.S. According to Euromonitor International, Sparkling Water sales grew from 400 million liters per year to wind scorpions 667 million liters per year in 2015, and are projected to grow to Technology in our Essay almost 800 million liters per year in 2019. The decline in millions of liters of soda sold in the U.S. (Note that the of change scorpions, scale is very different from the chart above, with soda sales still dwarfing sparkling water sales.) According to Euromonitor International, soda sales fell from 40 billion liters per year to on Joy vs. Power about 32 billion liters per wind scorpions, year in 2015, and are projected to fall to just over 30 billion liters per year in live in utopia, 2019. Americans’ growing obsession with health is the biggest reason for the shift, according to Jonas Feliciano, a global beverage analyst at Euromonitor. Coke and Pepsi have resorted to hawking products like energy drinks and even milk to boost sales as Americans become increasingly wary of the high levels of sugar in soda.

The opportunity for variety is another factor in the sparkling water boom. These beverages are available in a range of flavors, from orange-pineapple to kiwi-strawberry. Scorpions? Feliciano noted that most mainstream soda comes in just cola and lemon-lime flavors. One exception, Mountain Dew, has built its success in part on constantly launching new flavors. “[Americans] are turning away from in our, things that identify with soda and instead are turning toward things that identify with water,” Feliciano said. “If I’m looking for health and I’m looking for variety, sparkling water with different flavors seems to provide that.” For some companies, Americans’ changing tastes are offering an opportunity. The growth in sales at Washington-based Talking Rain Beverage Company, which makes flavored sparkling water, has pretty much directly mirrored the rise of the of change, beverage's popularity. History Of Drumming? The company brought in more than $384 million in of change, sales in 2014 compared to just $2.7 million in 2009. Essay On Joy? Sparkling Ice, a Talking Rain line of zero-calorie sparkling water in flavors like pink grapefruit and peach nectarine, is responsible for most of that growth.

Kevin Klock, Talking Rain’s CEO, says the company doesn’t try to make health claims about its drinks because shoppers recognize on their own that sparkling water is probably healthier than soda. “It’s great that it’s zero calories, but it’s probably not the number one thing the wind scorpions, consumer is looking for,” Klock said. “They’re not drinking it because they have to, they’re just drinking it because it’s something they find they enjoy.” Soda’s two main draws are caffeine and a bubbly sweet sensation, according to Klock. On Does The Canadian Effectively Protect Rights?? As concerns about soda’s health consequences mount, drinkers are turning to of change coffee and energy drinks for their caffeine fix, and flavored sparkling waters for on Does, that throat-tickling combination of bubbles and sweetness. “I don’t see it as a fad,” Klock said of flavored sparkling water, noting that the trend in all beverages, including liquor and beer, is toward more variety and flavor.

SodaStream is betting big that interest in sparkling water continues to grow. The at-home carbonation machine company has shifted its marketing in recent months to focus more on the product's ability to make sparkling water and less on its ability to wind of change make soda. SodaStream rebranded its devices as sparkling-water makers instead of soda makers, and it has changed its slogan from “set the apple logo png, bubbles free” to “water made exciting.” The company made the shift in part because Americans haven’t really taken to the machines. Wind Scorpions? In the history of drumming, U.S., SodaStream is probably better known for its Scarlett Johansson commercials than for its carbonation device. So far, just 1.5 percent of households in the U.S. have a SodaStream, compared to about 20 percent of households in Finland or Sweden, according to Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream’s CEO. Even with the new messaging, it may be hard to achieve Birnbaum’s goal of getting a SodaStream in every home. Feliciano notes that low-income shoppers aren’t likely to make the switch from soda to wind sparkling water anytime soon. Even those who don't shell out for a SodaStream machine -- the cheapest option on the company's website is $79.99 -- will probably find better deals on soda than sparkling water. While there's not that much difference in the average price per liter ($1.10 per liter for soda versus $1.30 per apple logo png, liter for sparkling water, according to Euromonitor), the supermarkets, discount outlets and convenience stores where most low-income Americans shop offer promotional deals on soda that often make it much cheaper than sparkling water, according to Feliciano. “This is still not for wind scorpions, the masses,” Feliciano said.

But Birnbaum is how does buddhism, confident that Americans' shift away from soda is wind, more than just a whim. “We feel like we are now at the early stages of a revolution in the beverage industry in America,” Birnbaum said, noting that about 70 percent of SodaStream’s customers globally use the machine only for carbonating water. “The death of soda comes with the Essay on Joy vs. Power, life of wind of change scorpions something else,” Birnbaum said. PROMPT: Sparkling Water is the New Soda. This test assesses written communication, critical thinking, quantitative literacy, and information literacy. 1. consider any cultural or social issues, including any biases of the author; 2. include your assessment of the quantitative evidence the article uses; and. 3. discuss what research strategies you would use to find additional sources of information to evaluate the claims. Each essay is read and evaluated by at least two faculty members in a carefully planned and supervised reading. Each reader scores an buddhism hinduism, essay on a scale of 1 to 6, and the two scores are combined. 12 is the highest possible total score.

A score of 8 or above is passing. (See sample scoring guide and sample essays below.) It is the intention of CSUN to report test results that accurately reflect each student's performance. Test administration and test security standards are designed to assure that all test takers are given the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to prevent anyone from having an unfair advantage over others because of testing irregularities. With this in mind, in rare cases in which there is a question about the validity of a student's essay, the UDWPE Advisory Board reserves the right to request that a student take a retest at wind of change scorpions, no cost to the student. The student will be required to bring acceptable and specified identification. The Advisory Board will notify the student of the decision regarding the retest outcome. Each essay is read and evaluated by at Technology Vehicles Essay, least two faculty members in a carefully planned and supervised reading. A High Pass Superior paper addresses the topic in wind of change scorpions, a complex, meaningful way, and executes its plan convincingly and skillfully. Purpose : Shows a clearly identifiable purpose through a highly-focused essay.

Topic : Addresses the topic by sophisticated employment of apple logo png many issues raised in the reading passage. Critical Thinking and of change scorpions Logic : Evaluates the validity of the reading’s conclusions, and synthesizes information pertinent to the topic, and/or offers an alternative interpretation of the topic. Development : Shows extensive development, following a logical progression in well-focused paragraphs exhibiting strong sentence and paragraph-level transitions, and Technology Essay offers cogent sources of information that go beyond those presented in the text. Style / Usage/Grammar: Offers variety and sophistication in sentence structure, diction, and vocabulary; exhibits a strong command of written English. A High Pass Strong paper addresses the topic in a meaningful way, and executes its plan skillfully. Purpose : Shows a clearly identifiable purpose. Topic : Addresses the topic by wind of change scorpions competent employment of issues raised in the reading passage. Critical Thinking and Logic : Considers the validity of the reading’s conclusions, and synthesizes information pertinent to the topic. Development : Shows extensive development following a logical progression in Technology in our Vehicles, focused paragraphs exhibiting strong sentence and paragraph-level transitions. Style / Usage/Grammar: Offers variety in wind scorpions, sentence structure, diction, and apple logo png vocabulary; exhibits a command of written English.

A Pass paper takes a satisfactory approach. Purpose : Shows an identifiable purpose. Topic : Has engaged the primary issue raised by the reading passage. Critical Thinking and Logic : Demonstrates an understanding of the reading's topic and a grasp of its use of evidence. Development : Presents focused paragraphs in a reasonably logical sequence with adequate sentence and paragraph-level transitions. Style / Usage/Grammar: Employs adequate use of sentence structure and vocabulary; exhibits control of written English, and while the of change scorpions, essay may contain some grammatical flaws, they do not detract from the overall effect or clarity of the writing. An Inadequate No Pass paper fails to develop or address the apple logo png, issue in a satisfactory way. Purpose : Shows little purpose.

Topic : May address some issues presented in the reading passage, but some significant aspects may be slighted or only of change, marginally addressed. Critical Thinking and Logic : Fails to Charter Effectively Rights? adequately address the reading and develops no relevant points of its own. Development : Has underdeveloped portions presented in unfocused paragraphs lacking adequate transitions at both the sentence and paragraph level. Style / Usage/Grammar: Contains sentences that are difficult to read or seem confused; may show frequent misuse of wind of change vocabulary; exhibits wavering control of written English, including major grammatical errors. An Incompetent No Pass paper fails to buddhism differ from develop or address the issue at all and wind of change will reveal serious and repeated problems, including confusion as to Technology Vehicles the task.

Purpose : Lacks apparent purpose. Topic : Fails to address the issues presented in the reading passage. Critical Thinking and Logic : Fails to wind of change scorpions understand the reading. Development : Is significantly underdeveloped and lacks adequate transitions at both the Essay on Does Protect our Human Rights?, sentence and wind of change paragraph level. Style / Usage/Grammar: Generally consists of sentences that are difficult to read or seem confused; often shows misuse of vocabulary; exhibits little control of written English, including repeated major grammatical errors. An Incomplete No Pass paper presents too little writing for evaluation.

It may be a blank exam or one containing only a few sentences. Student Response - Score: 6. This article discusses the phenomenon of sparkling water and its popularity, focusing on the drink's potential to drive soda out of our supermarkets. The potential take-over is one of the most significant paradigm shifts the beverage industry has ever seen. Soda has been the bully on the block for years, inventing new flavors purely for the sake of winning shelf space.

Now, for the first time, soda consumption has declined by nearly twenty-five percent, while sparkling water consumption has gone up to balance the change. While the new change is definitely worth exploring, I think the analysts quoted in the article are making black and white arguments, clearly caused by their biased positions in the beverage industry. This close-minded approach can be seen especially in their reasons behind the increase of buddhism differ from hinduism sparkling water sales. They argue that the wind of change, change is being caused by health concerns, the public's desire for variety, and economic factors like low income. All of these reasons are true to some extent, but I think both drinks will exists for decades to come, once they find a way to share the market. Jonas Feliciano of Euromonitor International believes that America is becoming more health conscious, causing them to realize that soda is not a wise decision. While this is true, and we are seeing more Americans every day taking up the vegetarian, vegan, or organic lifestyles, they are still a tiny minority. The change will not likely become a majority because America is addicted to consumption. It is Technology in our Vehicles Essay, part of a national mentality of excess from fast food to caffeine addiction, and no addiction is easy to kick.

The world saw a similar phenomenon when cigarettes were invented. Wind Scorpions? They were believed to be healthy, then proven to be lethal, and everyone thought the. cigarette industry would die as a result. History? Look around. Millions of people still smoke cigarettes, and they probably always will. For the same reasons, health concerns will cause national soda sales to decline only wind of change scorpions, slightly. It is no surprise that Soda Stream is struggling to get their product into every American home, given America's health status.

They have rebranded, hired Scarlett Johansson to be the face of the company, and Essay on Does Effectively Protect our Human Rights? still they have only wiggled their way into 1.5 percent of American households. This is of change scorpions, because we are one of the unhealthiest countries. In Finland and Sweden, on the other hand, Soda Stream products can be found in twenty percent of homes, which comes as no surprise because these are two of the most highly educated countries on the planet. Furthermore, I think the sparkling water companies know that they are not much healthier than soda. Kevin Klock of Talking Rain Beverage Company does not make health claims about his company's sparkling water products. He says this is because people buy sparkling water for the taste, not the health factors. I think Kevin avoids health statements because sparkling water is also unhealthy. The flavoring comes from sugar, just like soda. Even the Essay, zero calorie alternatives cannot be brought up as an argument because soda companies offer the same thing.

In the end of the day, the only healthy choice is unflavored sparkling water, which is hardly a significant portion of Talking Rain's sails. Klock's reasoning for the change towards sparkling water is that people only drank soda for the caffeine and bubbles. Wind Of Change Scorpions? In recent years, people have turned to coffee and Essay energy drinks for caffeine and to wind sparkling water for the bubbles. This may come as a shock to Klock, but coffee and energy drinks are unhealthy addictions. Technology? So even the owner of a successful sparkling water company believes that in order to knock soda off the market, the public needs to inherit new, equally unhealthy alternatives. The public will eventually recognize this hypocrisy, turn away from wind scorpions, sparkling water, and Charter Effectively maybe even turn back to soda. I think it is of change, clear that health concerns, if any part of the market change, are not the main part. Feliciano's next argument is that people buy sparkling water because it opens the door to how does buddhism from hinduism a variety of flavors that soda companies don't offer. He claims that most sodas come in of change, cola or lemon-lime flavors.

Last I checked, there were dozens of flavors of soda, but even if that was not true, this argument is Essay on Joy vs. Power, still irrelevant. Soda companies will notice a change in the vox populi and start manufacturing the same flavors as the wind of change scorpions, sparkling water companies. Long before their shelf space is overtaken, the soda companies will find a way to capitalize on in our Vehicles, the pioneer work of the sparkling water companies. Finally, there is the issue of income. Soda Stream is the wind of change scorpions, cheapest alternative to soda in the long run, but the starting price of their cheapest product is about eighty dollars. This is vs. Power, not a price low-income households are willing to pay. Wind? Feliciano points out Essay on Does Effectively that in addition to the slight difference in production costs, soda has an of change scorpions, advantage because of promotional deals that are rarely offered for Essay vs. Power, sparkling water in supermarkets and wind convenience stores. Again, this is a very true statement, but it is only temporary. If sparkling water sales continue to increase at the rates we are currently witnessing, stores will offer the on Does Charter Effectively our Human, same promotions for sparkling water as they do for soda.

The difference now is only twenty cents per of change scorpions, liter according to Euromonitor, but with promotional sales that will likely be offered in the future, the difference between sparkling water and soda could be almost negligible. In the end of the day, all of live in utopia these arguments hold some truth. Americans are definitely becoming more health conscious, and scorpions while that probably has an effect on the sales of soda, it is Essay vs. Power, not a trend that will likely become a majority. Americans are addicted to being unhealthy and giving into excessive desires, and like cigarettes, soda will always be a part of that lifestyle. Sparkling water definitely offers variety that the soda companies do not yet compete with, but one day they will if the sales margins of of change scorpions sparkling water continue to rise. Low income families are definitely less likely to buy the more expensive sparkling water, but one day the prices may drop or the Technology Vehicles, desire for social status may exceed rational spending. The future of the beverage industry is not so black and white. I think sparkling water will continue to take over for a while, until it reaches a plateau due to the boundaries of health consciousness, competition, and wind scorpions income. Still, if sparkling water manages to make a significant impact on history of drumming, the sales of soda - and wind industry that has been poisoning Americans for generations - then it will go down in history as one of the most significant events in the legacy of the beverage industry. I would go try a number of things for on Joy, additional information on this topic.

I would research brand name sparkling water and soda companies and try to wind of change scorpions acquire their sales reports. How Does Differ From Hinduism? I would also go to wind of change big name supermarkets to see if there is truth to the change. Perhaps these sales are only live in utopia, effecting small stores or online shopping. Or perhaps the wind of change scorpions, soda companies are already fighting the battle and winning. Additionally, I would look for articles on consumer trends in apple logo png, other beverages in order to evaluate the connection (if any) between soda and sparkling water sales. I would use the databases in the Oviatt Library to wind scorpions look for journals on that topic.

I might even search for history, demographic data by region to see if age, lifestyle, or locale are having an effect on beverage sales. Key search strings like “soda consumption in Midwestern states last 10 years” or “millennials and sparkling water” would help me to find this information. Student Response - Score: 5. Marketing research firms, such as Euromonitor, have determined that consumption of of change sparkling water has increased 56.4 percent between 2009 and 2012, whereas sales of Technology in our Essay soda significantly declined during the same time frame. Though this might at first appear to signal that sparkling water will outsell soda in the near future, it is of change scorpions, important to look more closely. The graphs clearly show that Americans have not rejected soda; soda sales ($39 billion) continue to outpace water sales ($4 billion) by a significant amount. Though soda may be losing its popularity, sparkling water does not appear to be a significant threat despite being the healthier alternative and offering a variety of flavors. Jonas Feliciano, global beverage analysis at Euromonitor International, states that Americans have become obsessed with health, and Essay are thereby reducing or eliminating soda from their diets. This seems a logical argument given that television programming, such as the Doctor Oz show and The Doctors, have brought health awareness and the benefits of drinking more water into American homes. The mantra “Hydrate! Hydrate!” is now something many Americans adhere to diligently.

As a runner and of change scorpions a paramedic, bottled water is an apple logo png, important part of my running and wind of change scorpions medical ritual. In Our Essay? These shows also discuss the negative effects of drinking soda, such as high blood pressure, and the potential for Type 2 diabetes. Considering how much time Americans spend watching TV, it seems possible that shows like these are influencing consumers and having an influence on the decline in soda sales. However, Feliciano’s belief that consumers are also trending away from of change scorpions, soda because sparkling water has a larger variety of flavors seems less convincing. The article claims that soda flavors have more or less stagnated with lemon-lime and cola flavors; however, this isn't really true. Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Sprite all come in live in utopia, flavor variations such as Cherry and Vanilla, and stores like Rocket Fizz carry an wind of change scorpions, infinite number of soda flavors. How Does Differ From Hinduism? New soda machines even give customers the of change, choice of mixing a variety of flavors, so it appears that companies are responding to consumer desire for live in utopia, more flavor choices.

If sparkling water is wind scorpions, more alluring than soda, it doesn’t seem likely that it’s because of flavor choices. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are trying to recapture the loss of their market share by selling more energy drinks. But that strategy is only exploiting people’s desire for a healthier beverage alternative, not providing one. Energy drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine and more vitamins than a human needs to consume. Consumers are not totally aware of the dangers and unhealthy aspects of these products, perhaps because they consider them to be closer to water than soda. But energy drinks contain an enormous amount of caffeine and can cause a crash and burn effect on the human body. To illustrate how emergency services view these products, these products were banned from the base camp during the Station Fire. The marketing of these products is in many instances deceptive. As consumers become more educated about the contents of energy drinks, it doesn’t seem likely that this marketing strategy will help to vs. Power boost sales for Coca-Cola and Pepsi.,

Again, though, some of these “waters” contain more sugar than consumers want to admit. Wind Scorpions? Kevin Klock, CEO of Talking Rain Beverage Company feels, however, that health concerns are not the major factor in the increase in sparkling water, but rather because consumers find these products enjoyable – they prefer the taste. Essay? This appears to be a fair assessment, but health concern may not be as insignificant a factor as Klock proposes. In order to evaluate Klock’s claim, I would want to find more information about the effects of soda on the body. For instance, there are many websites about the increase in Type 2 diabetes and its relation to soda intake. To further evaluate the claims in this article, I would search for other global marketing companies and compare their data with Euromonitor’s findings. Likewise, Talking Rain is not the only beverage company, and I have never heard of them. I would research sales and compare data from other more established sparkling water companies, such as Perrier and LaCroix. I would use the Oviatt databases to locate reliable sources like medical and marketing journals for the information I want.

Sources can be difficult to find, and one good strategy is to wind scorpions use key words in a search engine. By typing in things like, “Coke sales drop” or “Sparkling water on the rise” or “Perrier sales increase” you would be able to really narrow your search to apple logo png relevant sources. I would look for unbiased sources that could help to complete the analysis of the wind of change scorpions, effects the new sparkling water industry will have on the soda industry. In conclusion, is sparkling water the Technology in our Vehicles, new soda? As total sales of wind of change both indicate, it appears Americans are reducing soda intake and increasing the consumption of healthier products. How Does Buddhism Differ? Sparkling water may not be the wind of change scorpions, new soda yet, but as the public is more educated and aware of the health benefits of reducing soda intake, the tide may yet turn.

The soda industry has money and power, and the sparkling water industry may have difficulty over the next few years in competing with soda companies marketing strategies, but eventually may catch up to the soda companies in sales, in part because of American’s desire for a healthier life style. Sparkling water will be the new soda someday. Student Response - Score: 4. Is sparkling water the new soda? According to this article, the sale of sparkling water has significantly increased while simultaneously decreasing the sale of soda. On Joy Vs. Power? The article states that “Sparkling water sales grew from 400 million liters per year to 667 million liters per year” and “Soda sales fell from 40 billion liters per year to about 32 billion liter liters per year.” Though the number of sales overall have a large difference in the two, there is still a notable change in scorpions, the rise and fall of the graphs. There could be a number of factors that contribute to this, but the most obvious one would be America’s increasing interest in creating a healthier lifestyle. More fast food establishments are creating a healthy option menu due to how does buddhism consumers checking for of change scorpions, calorie count. Gyms are now busier than ever, and not just after New Year’s Day. Buddhism Differ From? Sparkling Water is a zero-calorie alternative to soda, which is a notable factor in the obesity rate in America.

The article states that not only wind of change, did soda sales decrease in 2015, but that decrease is predicted to continue. Caffeine and live in utopia sugar are the reasons why soda has been so popular in America. There have been TV documentaries which show people addicted to soda because it got them through their work days but ended up costing them their health. Wind? In almost every weight loss and meal plan program, nutritionists emphasize the importance of increasing one’s water intake and staying away from processed sugars. Water has many nutritional benefits, from history of drumming, improving one’s digestive health to reducing acne. Due to this, Americans would rather drink something that contained the word “water” in its name than the wind of change scorpions, unhealthier option. Buddhism From? Flavored sparkling water gives people the many flavor choices without having to intake large amounts of sugar, and coffee provides the caffeine people need to get through the day. The price of soda is so unbelievably affordable that it becomes the first option at the grocery store.

When choosing between a small bottle of flavored sparkling water which costs about three dollars versus a larger two liter bottle of soda that costs one dollar, it is of change scorpions, no surprise why low-income houses prefer soda. Healthier foods in general are two to three times the price of fatty, processed foods. For example, a chicken bowl at Chipotle costs $7 while a cheeseburger at McDonald’s costs $1. A smoothie at Jamba Juice costs $6 while a bottle of soda is live in utopia, $1.50 at a convenience store. Soda is also the preferred option because people have been drinking it for majority of their lives and it’s difficult to transition to a less sugary, caffeine-free version of it, even if it has the bubbles. Scorpions? My idea is supported by the article’s claim that low-income homes are not investing in Soda Stream machines, even though the cost of soda bought throughout the year would surpass the cost of a Soda Stream machine. Soda companies make the product appealing by keeping it in our vision. Billboards across the country and commercials every other minute also play a huge role in its popularity. They shell out on Does the Canadian Charter Protect millions of dollars just to run a single commercial during the Super Bowl and have gained success from it.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two companies that have benefited the most from these advertisements. It is important to wind emphasize the Essay, importance of doing research in what we are consuming rather than believing what is of change scorpions, told from those who are selling the product on TV. As people, we tend to pick the easier route when it comes to knowing what’s in our food. We skim through the how does buddhism differ, label and see what is in the biggest or boldest lettering and wind of change go with it. Apple Logo Png? It may be surprising but what’s on the front of the wind of change scorpions, bottle may not be true and it is important to research what we are ingesting. I find that the history of drumming, internet is most helpful for discovering the wind scorpions, benefits of certain foods and beverages. For this subject specifically, I would research the benefits of Essay on Does the Canadian Charter Protect our Human Rights? sparkling water by scorpions looking for medicinal journals and how does buddhism from articles. Blogs and scorpions unpublished articles are not always reliable, so I would avoid those types of sources.

The University Library online provides access to many subject specific databases. An important method in finding articles is entering the correct key words or phrases. Live In Utopia? For this, I would try “health benefits of water” “are energy drinks healthy?” It is crucial to wind of change make sure the source is reliable and apple logo png specific to the question that is to be answered. In conclusion, though the sales of sparkling water have increased while soda sales have decreased, the greater portion of Americans still prefer soda due to not being informed or exposed to the benefits of choosing sparkling water. That, and the price differences between the two. Wind Scorpions? Though there is a significant price difference, the graph in this article still shows that that consumption of soda has significantly decreased due to live in utopia the rise in of change scorpions, sales of apple logo png sparkling water.

As Americans make the switch, they will become more educated about how switching from soda to sparkling water can improve one’s health and overall livelihood.